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We’ve been fortunate to help thousands of kids grow into fearless adult patients who enjoy visiting the dentist. We would be honored if you stopped by for a free office tour with your child, and give us an opportunity to earn your trust.

–Drs. Kirk Kollmann and Cissy Furusho

Kollmann and Furusho

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists have an additional 2-3 years of training to learn how to deal with the behavioral aspects of children, how to make them feel comfortable, and to make the experience pleasant in addition to clinical techniques specific to children. We are specially trained and qualified to treat patients with special needs.

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What Makes
 Dentistry for Kids Special?

We make an extra effort to create an exciting environment which makes a big difference, especially in the case of the very apprehensive family. By bringing your child to a pediatric dentist as early as age one year, you can ensure the timely prevention of dental disease and at the same time provide your child with an upbeat experience that can last a lifetime.


Limited Time Fall Specials

For New Patients Only

Offers end September 20, 2016

Children's New Patient Dental Exam & X‑Rays


Save $170

Patients 12 and under receive needed x‑rays and a comprehensive exam.

(D0150, D0272, D0330)

Children's Dental Cleaning and Fluoride


Save $52

Patients 12 and under receive a professional dental cleaning and topical varnish application. A new patient dental exam is required.

(D1120, D1208)


Prenatal Consultation

Expecting parents are encouraged to call us for a brief consultation regarding infant dental care and what to expect in the early years.


Children Under Two

Bring your child in before his or her second birthday for a free exam and oral hygiene instruction.

See What Parents are Saying

We took our daughter there for her lip and tongue tie at 3 days old,the whole staff is wonderful, Dr. Kollmann was very informative, patient, and kind with us and to her. I'm so thankful for the referral from our lactation consultant. After the procedure was done, she was nursing right away. She's now 3 months old and doing great!

Francielle D.

My older son is a sweet guy... but a big scardy cat. I had MUCH anxiety about his first dentist visit two years ago. Turns out, I had no reason to fear. He loooooves going to the dentist and I'm so grateful. We've seen both dentists (I think there's only two in the practice?) and they're both very kind.

Natalie S.

I was myself always a little bit skeptical about dentists. When I was looking for a dentist for our girls, I had to make sure first, that it was an attractive and fun place... Very friendly staff.

Dina M.

My older son is a sweet guy... but a big scardy cat. I had MUCH anxiety about his first dentist visit two years ago. Turns out, I had no reason to fear. He loooooves going to the dentist and I'm so grateful. We've seen both dentists (I think there's only two in the practice?) and they're both very kind.

Natalie S.

This practice is amazing. My son has special needs and in the past we've had to have him anesthatized or I've attempted to coax him into getting care. Here they don't believe in sedation and they NEVER make the parents intervene. So far, for my child who was never previously able to sit still for so much as a fluoride treatment they've: -Taken x-rays -Filled a tooth -Sealed four teeth They also call back after the appointment to check in. Lovely staff, great practice.

Megan M.

I love this place! Very organized and kind here. My son loves it and he has some special needs. The fact that they're patient with him was a huge plus!

Lizette P.

My 4 year old loves it here to the point that when I had to cancel an appointment, he was upset and insisted that he wanted to go to the dentist that day!... I'm so glad we found this place as I had really hoped to find a dentist that my son didn't mind going to. Lucky for us, he actually loves it there.

S. M.

Great pediatric dentist office! I've been taking my son here for over 10 years now. The staff is very kind and respectful... I highly recommend this office for your child.

Melissa M.

We took our 1.5 and 2.5 year old kids here for their first visit to the dentist. We immediately felt at ease and were warmly welcomed by the office staff. There were toys for the kids to play with and even though my little boy went back in tears, in no time at all he was sitting comfortable in the chair and getting his teeth cleaned... I would highly recommend this dental office for anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.

Julie T.

We drive over 40 miles (and past another 40 ped. dentists) to go here. They are the only pediatric dentists we have found that use no anesthesia... I think these dentists take a very no nonsense but calm and loving approach to dentistry, which is exactly how it should be.

RoxAnne T.

My kids love coming here. Really, they do! Everyone is so friendly, from the front desk to the dentists (we've seen Drs Berman and Furusho). True, they don't let parents in the back during the cleanings or exams, but fortunately my kids have handled this well and hopefully will continue to.

L. T.

My three kids love them. Bring and whole new experience of go to the dentist for them and me. Great staff, very organized operation and state of the art technology is a recipe for success. Lastly and definitely not the least, they simply work great with KIDS

Ron N.

I found this office through Children's Memorial Hospital as one of the dentists is part of Children's Cleft Team. Now both my children use Dentistry for kids. Dr. Kollmann is a caring dentist who takes the time to explain his findings and plans to both the child and the parents. Further the front desk staff is polite and professional and the waiting area has plenty of things to keep your kids busy on the off-chance you have a small wait.

Eileen E.

I love this place. The staff is wonderful! This is a great place to take your child that has high anxiety about going to the dentist!

Mama L.

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